A new version of the tool is now available at: crowd 2.0 - beta

A Visual Tool for Involving Stakeholders into Ontology Engineering Tasks

Using well-known visual languages and reasoning services for simplifying ontology and modelling development.

UML EER ORM 2 (KF Metamodel) ORM 2 (Reasoning) Temporal ER

About crowd This is a BETA RELEASE!


Please, BUGs here (a.k.a EO for Enhancement Opportunities)

Wiki and Roadmap

The wiki is available for the development team for publishing information and miscelaneous stuff.

Tech Report Draft

There's a draft of the tech report that explains the design and implementation of crowd . Useful for studying the code and adding new features.


A list of white papers publications references is available at the Wiki.


Learn how to use crowd features.

Contact Us

We use Mattermost software for communicating between us. Public channels are available for contacting developers.

Source Code

Source code is licensed as GPL version 3 and available at Bitbucket.


This work is under the General Public License version 3.

kid-programming using guile


You can learn about crowd using our documentation or studying the code. We use Doxygen for compiling PHP documentation and codo for CoffeeScript .

The tech report (draft) is full of information about design and implementation.

Authors and Collaborations

c r o w d is the result of a combined effort of Grupo de Investigación de Lenguajes e Inteligencia Artificial (G.I.L.I.A.), students, graduates and teachers of the Facultad de Informática (Fa.I.) of Universidad Nacional del Comahue (U.N.Coma.).

Also, teachers from Universidad Nacional del Sur (U.N.S.) at the Departamento de Ciencias e Ingeniería de la Computacion (D.C.I.C.) helped us in the design and development.



Grupo de Investigación de Lenguajes e Inteligencia Artificial, Universidad Nacional del Comahue



Facultad de Informática, Universidad Nacional del Comahue


Universidad Nacional del Comahue


Departamento de Ciencias e Ingeniería de la Computación, Universidad Nacional del Sur


Universidad Nacional del Sur